does anybody is using Pixhawk for controlling Canon/CHDK camera via GentwireUSB2 cable? I have a plane with Pixhawk and I want to control camera shutter by one channel and lens open/close by second one. When Im trying to control it via Gentwire USB2 cable, I got very unreliable results. Sometimes everything works fine, but after some time during flight camera stops taking photos for some 30-60 seconds and it starts taking photos again (sometimes yes, sometimes no). So from 150 photos collected during flight I lost 20 or more photos.

I checked pixhawk output signals by oscilloscope and I found, that leading edge of both channels pulse are triggered at the same time (pulses are overlapped). I consulted it with James from Gentles (producing that cable) and he confirmed, it is problem as their cable requires to get both pulses without any overlap (in best case with at least 50uS between pulses). Solution could be to delay one of channel pulses to get them not overlap each other. Maybe.

I cant believe, Im only one having this issue and I dont want to "reinvent the wheel". Does anyone of you solved this issue with mentioned chain (Pixhawk-Gentwire-Canon) and if so, how?


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