Low Alt Limit

Hi Folks,

First of all let me say that I am really fascinated with Arduplane performance. As a newbie I am following step by step procedure to test each of  fly modes. My next 2 tests  will be AUTO mode  and CRUISE mode, after that I will be comfortable for my first FPV fly.

 I would like to know from you guys, if I will have low altitude protection in CRUISE mode if I have enabled the ALT_HOLD_FBWCM parameter.  Is low altitude limit protection only for FBW modes?

Regards AA

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  • Hi Antonio,

    I was the guy who made FBW-B alt limit mode, please remember that ALT_HOLD_FBWCM is in centimetres, NOT meters! When I made that mode there was no Cruise mode, so I can't say anything about it. 

    Anyways, happy to see that someone using it =)

  • The wiki says that is effective for both FBWB and Cruise modes.
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