Mission Planner Simulator Problems

Hi Folks,

I am testing my new E384, a fixed wing Skywalker airframe, in the Mission Planner Simulator and am having problems with getting it to work.  I follow the instructions set out in the YouTube video "How to Setup X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator to Ardupilot Mission Planner with HIL Firmware".  X-Plane and Mission Planner communicate with each other but the RC inputs do not work.  For example when running the sim the servo output displays a flat line for the roll, pitch, rudder, and throttle inputs.  And in X-Plane the RC does not reply to the RC inputs at all.  The specs are listed below.


Type: XPS 15

OS: Windows 7 Home Edition SP1

Processor: Intel Cor I7 CPU 2.20 GHz


64 Bit System


Mission Planner version 1.3.19 build 1.1.5508.10848

X-Plane 10

UAS: E384 with APM 2.6

Controller: Turnigy 9XR

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  • Chris.

    I have fixed this issue for me. After loading the SIM firmware via Mission Planner, I too was unable to get any servo data from the MavLink and thus back to X-Pilot over the network. The problem was that after loading the SIM Firmware, I used the Mission Planner installation Wizzard to re-calibrate which simply reloaded non SIM Firmware.  Basically, I was not running with the SIM Firmware. Hope this helps.. Hank 

    • Hank,

      I had a similar issues except the problem was I downloaded the wrong firmware.  I was able to get the sim up and running and responding to inputs from the RC.  The best practice is to set your perimeters and save them as a file to your local drive before downloading the HIL firmware.  There is a great YouTube video (see link below) for setting up mission planner and X-Plane.  Our of curiosity what model of RC do you use?  I have the Turnigy 9XR and am not that impressed with it.


    • Hi Chris ,

      did the simulator work for you in stabilize/auto modes?

      I am also trying to use xplane with the E384 and the Mission Planner from event38 website.  

      The plane flies well in Manual mode, but when I am changing to any other mode it crashes.


    • Nikita,

      Sometime ago I sold my E384 and now fly multirouters only.  I would recommend reaching out to dmerc00 on youtube as he has more experience with this then I do.


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  • Sad your problem.

    But, did you keep in contact with Event38 support team?
    I'm sure that Jeff, Joe and staff could to help you

    Good luck!

    • That was the first thing I tried. As Joe told me he has never opened the simulator tab so he cannot help. I am going to try and contact Michele O about this. Though I suspect I may need a computer with higher processing power.
    • Chris, I have the same problem. Unable to get any RC servo respose in the mission planner simulator. Have you made any progress in solving this issue?


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