• I use autotune level 5, way to mild, and then change to level 7, still not as aggressive as I want, but it works.

    The plane hit every way point. But still need to adjust L1 and WP radius.

    Thank you guys....

    FPV Raptor, 2 x 3s 2200 mah, 20km, 30 minutes.

    AUW 1800gr.

  • I believe is PID related.

    Did you try Autotune new feature in latest Arduplane FW?

    • Not yet, but autotune and L1 parameter is my agenda for this weekend. Hopefully it solved the problem, since the line targeting to way point is always correctly point to next waypoint.

      Parke, you're welcome to contact me when you are came to Bali...

    • Hey Paulus!

      Try to play with WP_RADIUS as well.

      Good luck in your tests) 

  • Indeed, a strange route. :)  Was it real windy that day? How far apart are those waypoints? You may have too many points too close together. Possibly your GPS lock was not great and the accuracy was less than the radius of your waypoints. I would try a route with fewer waypoints further apart, just to see if it works better. Maybe a triangle with each leg the length between #2 & #8. Just some thoughts I would try... take with a grain of salt. 

    PS. I love Bali... one of my most favorite places on Earth. Land of the Gods...

    • It not windy, only small breeze that should not be a problem.

      this is another sample which actually better, but still not good enough.


      Top left and to right way points is about 200m. You might be right, the way points are to close. But in the tlog, when heading to way point 2, it isn't banking to left to reach the way point, instead it fly straight and taking a sharp circling to right to get to way point 2.

      2014-05-11 08-36-19.tlog

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