Would be cool when you release new firmware improvement list if you could mention every single time which AP (APM / Pixhawk) is concerned, as this is not super clear when the list of improvements is described (arduplane 3.2 for instance).

Unless any improvement was stopped for the APM and only concerns the Pixhawk ?

If that is the case, then which final APM firmware version is it ?


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    Hi.  The APM code base supports a large variety of hardware - not just APM and Pixhawk.  Its about 10 different hardware platforms at the moment but the list is growing.  At the current stage of life of APM2's most of the code continues to work on them but the recommendation is to move to Pixhawk's if you are deciding between an APM2 and Pixhawk as they are more powerful and allow more functionality now and moving forward.

    Thanks, Grant.

    • Thank you Grant.

      Interestingly, at one stage the "APM" code base won't fit it the "APM" anymore  :-)

      I already own a few APMs, and I use it for planes, so I have to stick to it at the moment. And I must say I am unable to tell which improvement is relevant to the APM or not  each time there is new Arduplane version.

      That is why I simply suggest that you guys write (APM compatible) at the end of any relevant improvement


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