Only channel 4 working (arduplane-apm 2)

Hi All,

we finish built the arduplane stuff using apm2, when i try to plug battre and coming sound alert bip2, and then try move the thro, rudd, ail, elev, so only channel no. 4 working?? so any suggestion for me to fix this problem. thanks alot.


Simple configuration :



Ch3 (thr)  


ch8(flight mode)

batre using 3s 1000

jp1 connected

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  • Arief, I'm not familiar with your fly sky Rx but what happens if you remove the ch8 & Bind/bat cables and connect a PC via the USB and Mission Planner. On the Action tab select Manual.
  • Hi A,

    I assume your Tx, rx & servos work without the APM2.

    I have posted a photo of my APM test set up.
    Note the 4.8v NiCd battey plugged into output pin 8. you need this (could be any output pin) to supply enough current to the servos. Could also use an ESC. Servo is in Output pin 1.
    Ch1-4 from Rx connect to Input pins 1-4. (Rx pin 6 to Input pin 8 Flight modes)

    I have also plugged the USB and connected to Mission Planner to check what Flight Mode the APM is in. Select Manual to start with.

    Hope that helps a bit.
  • Hi Waz & Ravi,

    I got same after recalibrate radio, Im using one servoo and try one by one output 1 - 4, only output no 4 working..

    any suspection??



  • chk the connection of the servoes to the APM. the white wire (signal) should be on the innerside pin. if that does not works, recalibrate the radio using the mission planner. but first set the endpoints to 100% on all the 5 channels on Tx.

  • Hi Arief,
    Double check your wiring, especially the orientation of the (-+S) (White Red Black) connectors at your RC Receiver, APM Input, APM output to servos.
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