Opto ESC with HKpilot Mega 2.7 JP1 jumper

Hello, I had an unfortunate crash with my fixed wing (Skywalker X5) and ended up frying both my motor and ESC. So I ordered a new motor and ESC from online store. The package arrived today but the problem is they sent the wrong ESC. I ordered a 30A ESC with built in BEC instead they sent a 30A Opto ESC. It will take long time to get the correct ESC from them if I send back the wrong ESC that they delivered to me today. So the question is, can I use the opto ESC with my HKpilot mega 2.7 if i put the JP1 jumper on? Or I still need to add external BEC? I power up my board with HKpilot power module by the way.

Thank you.

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  • Get yourself a Castle ccBEC ($20) and you can program a clean 5V to the rail. This is how I do it with an APM setup and I'd imagine its universal. I've been there too, had a 1880 go nosefirst into the dirt at 50+mph... It happens! Good luck!

    • Thank you for the suggestion! I'll check for it!

  • The power module does not deliver enough amperage to run your servos and could brown out the computer.  If your ESC does not have a built in BEC, you will need an external one.

    • Thank you for the explanation! Guess i need to hold my flying for now. Going to contact the store for replacement.

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