payload mechanism

hi everyone, I am building a quadcopter with pixhawk that will be able to deliver stuffs(like pizza), I am done with the entire frame with wood but I am haven a little challenges in the creation of the payload. Can anyone help. Thanks

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  • Hi again,

    Ohh, ok I thought you know the rest of them. Is this the first time you enter the hobby?

    No it is not all the parts. I just gave u the important things like motor and details of battery, esc and etc. because there are many different brands of batteries and ESCs (Electronic Speed Controller). So you just pick what brand you want as each brand has its price.

    You can buy them from < it is very very famous.

    The esc:

    Check this battery 5000mAh 5S 25~50C (You will need 2 if you want to get 10000mAh by connecting them at parallel):

    Check these propellers:

    Still you need the Pixhawk, you can buy from anywhere but be sure to get the genuine if you prefer. (there a lot of ppl using the copy ones without big problems).

    You need to buy the module and receiver for the TX if you sure it wont come with it.

    Good Luck

  •  please explain it well i don't understand what you have written.

    is that all the parts i need for the project?

    no please help me with all the list of all the components i need fot this project.

    with at least a link to where to bu them.

  • Hello Dear again,

    So i searched and got two setups better is the first:

    1. 4x 4112-485KV Multistar motors @ 5S battery and 10000mAh you will get approx. 12 minutes flying time:

    4x escs you can get 60A or 90A up to you, u get higher better if you want to upgrade in future. Any brand u feel okay with you.

    Battery 18.5v (5S) with 10000mAh capacity and 35-50C ratings also any brands u prefer.

    Propeller is 14*4.7 APC Multirotor or known APC not a problem. Of course 2 CW and 2 CCW.


    2. is another motor only with exactly the remaining electronics, 4112-400KV  Multistar:

    This is a picture showing the performance of the first setup:


    Good Luck

    4112-485KV Turnigy Multistar 22 Pole Brushless Multi-Rotor Motor With Extra Long Leads
    4112-485KV Turnigy Multistar 22 Pole Brushless Multi-Rotor Motor With Extra Long Leads
  • ok am cool.

    am waiting for the list anyway

  • Sorry bro, it is not a safe app.
  • is possible to communicate with you on whatsapp...


  • Welcome dear, no problem.

    Ok good the extra weight is not too much. Which is a plus.

    Very good, 900mm is a big and powerful for this hopefully.

    Ok let me see what i can find...


  • thanks for your advice.

    the pizza is going to weigh around 300-350 grams

    the frame size is 900mm from motor to motor

  • You are welcome bro.

    Sure not a problem, so u didnt pick motors still right ? then the most important thing to know/get is the weight of the quadcopter via knowing its size like 450 or 750, etc., know the approximate weight of the pizza or the most heavy thing u want to load with the quadcopter. Then we can find the best motors that can handles these situation i said. (size and the extra weight at the moment) after that we will add the weights of the motors, escs batteries and etc. <<< i hoe didnt complicate.

    To wrap up, just give me the size u want and the MOST IMPORTANTLY the extra weight u want to raise with the quadcopter.

    Good Luck


  • thanks for the advice.

    can you help me make the best components for this project.

     i will be happy if can help me with it since u know a lot about it.

    as for the servo it was a mistake is rather 2servos

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