payload mechanism

hi everyone, I am building a quadcopter with pixhawk that will be able to deliver stuffs(like pizza), I am done with the entire frame with wood but I am haven a little challenges in the creation of the payload. Can anyone help. Thanks

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  • Also the Module of the TX is not available. Please be sure before buying.

  • Hello dear :D

    Okay nice to hear :D

    The Tx is okay and good :D (BUT i am checking it in depth now). Note, it is not come with battery and rx i guess too.

    check this video:

    The 4 servos what they are for ? u dont need servos for quad copter, just 4 motors. BUT if u r planning for the gimbal or handling then it is fine, though it is too much torque for them.

    The Pixhawk looks good, but i am not sure if it is the genuine one if u want that.

    Can u provide which motors did u decide to buy with what escs ? so i can see if it handles the quad weight, how much extra weight do u want to install also ?

    Good Luck

  • hello, 

    is been a while i have decided to buy part for the delivery drone i want o build.

    but i want you to look at my list n see if all is right before i purchase them.

    1. Taranis qx7 ( )

    2. motor x4

    3. pixhawk ( )

    4. servo x 4 ( )

    5. Action cam for Pixhawk

    6. lipo 8000mah 3s

  • Hello again,

    U r welcome dear.

    Umm, check out this page, may help in the frequency:

    honestly i got away from the hobby for awhile and dont know the earliest model and so forth. But u can also buy from their website, search for 3DR.

    Good Luck

    South-Africa CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)
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  • thank you very much buddy,

    but when i check wiki i did not see anything like that for my country(GHANA), that is the frequency. In that case what do you think is best thing i do.

    Secondly, with the pixhawk's "ORIGINAL" i do not know which of them is the best from those sites that you have mentioned, in a way can you do me of a help and select one for me that you think is the best.


  • Hello buddy,

    The difference is that every country has it is own "confident" frequency that no one should use it, after that said, check your country okay frequency from wiki and match it with the pixhawk. Nothing is different in terms of good frequency or so they all have the same function but as i said before in some countries the 433 is prohibited to use and some not. So get SURE what is not prohibited in urs.

    You can check HobbyKing, ebay, aliexpress, banggood, gearbest or another websites, BUT MAKE SURE THEY ARE ORIGINAL.

    Good Luck  

  • hello friend, i want to ask you about the different between pixhawk 433 and 915 and which of them is good  for my project.

    Also where i can get the component to buy at a lesser price.

  • Okay nice it is a quad design. But did u make sure it wont bent while flying or break ? What is the size, is it 40 ?

    Try to weigh the frame itself to know how much it weighs first, then decide if u want 3s or 4s ? << for Pizza delivery it can be 3S no problem in my opinion, so minimum weights is the better.

    Good Luck

  • this how my frame looks like


  • Ohh, use the multirotor calculator to know how much your setup can raise mor eweight other than the quadcopter flying weight.

    If u need help tell me.


    Good Luck

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