Pixhawk airspeed and external compass

I am setting up my Pixhawk for a plane and need to figure out how to use both the external compass and the digital airspeed sensor on the I2c port.

Can this be done with a "y" connector?  Or is there some other way to use both?

Currently I set the compass to internal, but would prefer to use the external compass.



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  • Didn't your PH come with a 5 port I2C splitter?
    • The Pixhawk has been in a quad which doesn't need an I2C splitter, the compass plugs in directly to the I2c port. but in a plane with the airspeed sensor you need one.  I was looking for a spliced cable... :)  It turns out the splitter is a board with an extension cable cleverly labeled "PX4".  Found it in my box of "spare" parts.



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