My Quadplane is all ready to go (pic attached) but I have 2 questions I’m hoping someone can help me with. I have done 3 fixed wing Pixhawk planes, so familiar with Plane firmware, but my multirotor experience is limited to DJI products thus far.


Firstly, I’m having trouble calibrating the ESCs. I am on firmware ver 3.5.3 (not going with 3.6.0 just yet) so I have to go with the “Old Calibration Procedure” described here: The problem is with step 8 – ie, disarming the ESCs after they have registered the max PWM. I have set ARMING_RUDDER to 2 to allow left rudder to disarm but the delay means that I cannot execute this in the required time. I am using T-Motor Air ESCs and (like most ESCs) they move onto the next parameter setting (timing in this case) 3 secs after the calibration setting (“beep-beep”). However, I think I may have managed calibrate the ESCs by switching to manual mode just after the “beep-beep” because this caused the ESCs to exit the programming cycle. But I don’t know for sure...  

Secondly, reading through APM copter, it says that throttle minimum for 15secs will disarm the motors, but this does not seem to happen with Quadplane – they just carry on spinning until I disarm with left rudder or switch to manual mode. Not really an issue, though.





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