RC6 Pixracer Parachute release and motor behavior

Hello All,

Someone could help me, i can't manage to make the RC6 as a release parachute on Pixracer and Arduplane 3.7.1???

I'd configure the channel 7 on my taranis and in MP in order to released parachute, it's seems working as when i arm the plane and switch parachute i have "parachute released" on MP , but the motor don't stop???

I have set RC6 as 27 function (parachute release).

But the parachute servo don't move (never) as it don't have any signal??? (just a little toggling on power on) 

if i playing with toggle servo 6 in flight data servo tab in MP: nothing...

i'd plug the parachute on a aileron servo,just to be sure that it's ok and it working great???

Does some one have any idea, what i miss?

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  • Ohh :)
    Want to know, did you make ch6 in taranis functioning? 《 just what i supposed :)
    Good luck
    Happy droning :)
  • I do the answer,

    it's not possible (maybe for the moment ;-)  ) to use a Pixracer for plane with parachute :-)

    I'd change it for Pixhawk and lost place but with parachute on rc9 everything are ok.

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