RTL in any case

Reading Arduplane parameters description, we found:

Short failsafe action (ArduPlane:FS_SHORT_ACTN)

The action to take on a short (FS_SHORT_TIMEOUT) failsafe event in AUTO, GUIDED or LOITER modes....

Long failsafe action (ArduPlane:FS_LONG_ACTN)

The action to take on a long (FS_LONG_TIMEOUT seconds) failsafe event in AUTO, GUIDED or LOITER modes...

My doubt and question is what happen if FS event take place while flying in another mode? Is there a way to have certainly that in any of the other flight modes plane will automatically switch into  RTL mode?

I am a new Arduplane user and not sure if my is a basic or stupid question for you

regards AA

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  • The answer to my question is in the code. Sorry for disturb you.


    Long Failsafe. events.pde line 35

    static void failsafe_long_on_event()
    // This is how to handle a long loss of control signal failsafe.
    gcs_send_text_P(SEVERITY_LOW, PSTR("Failsafe - Long event on"));
    APM_RC.clearOverride(); // If the GCS is locked up we allow control to revert to RC
    case MANUAL:
    case STABILIZE:
    case FLY_BY_WIRE_A: // middle position
    case FLY_BY_WIRE_B: // middle position
    case CIRCLE:

    case AUTO:
    case GUIDED:
    case LOITER:
    if(g.long_fs_action == 1) {

    case RTL:
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