Strange Servo Twitching in Flight Mode 6

Hello Guys,

I get very violent servo twitching (only on Channel 2) when the Ardupilot is in Flight Mode 6 (Manual). I understand that twitching Servos in Manual Mode can be a very common problem because of the power source/servo cables, but in my case Manual Mode itself doesn't seem to be the problem, because if I declare Flight Mode 1 to Manual for example, I don't get any twitches at all, only in Flight Mode 6.

I tried older firmware too, that didn't change anything.

Any ideas?

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  • Ok, what solved the problem for me was removing redundant patch cables that were going from the receiver into the ardupilot- redundant as in I don't need them now but I will need them for additional switches later- but at least there isn't any twitching anymore

    • I had a similar problem, but change the servo with better quality metal teeth servo stop the problem.

      I end up taking my plane to hobby shop and try their servo one by one.

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