Throttle cuts off after requesting auto mode

Hi again,

When I select auto mode my throttle is completely or very completely cut and my plane starts to drop altitude until I am uncomfortable and have to hit manual mode to recover. I have attached my logs and hopefully someone can take a look. I don't think this happened until I tuned it again, this time with a level of 7 instead of 5.

Is there a resource that shows what all the data is in the logs? I would like to see what the target altitude is when I enter auto mode, but don't know if it that data is collected or if I can graph it.

And, if I autotune again at level 5, will it undo my level 7 setting? If not how would I do that?

Thanks again everyone.

2014-05-24 16-32-30_71.log

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  • Developer

    Can you post the .wpt file downloaded from the vehicle.  It is important that the absolute vs. relative bit is set correctly for each wpt.

    • Hi Kevin,

      You were correct. I was switching Planner's trying them all and realized that some use ASL and some use AGL. I think I have this problem resolve, now on to the next one (My next issue I believe is called a spin stall)


  • I think this might be a result of Droidplanner using ASL and Mission Planner using AGL. I will know more when I try again tomorrow.

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