WP and Loiter Radius number moves.

The Way Point and Loiter radius in MP never seem to stay where they are set. In Flight Plan I can set both to 39 and after I Write the mission into the APM, and then Read the mission back from the APM, both the numbers are 3 lower. I believe this is the program lowering it one meter. I can do this over and over until it eventually gets to 0 and stops changing.

Any idea why are they changing when I try to verify a setting? But more importantly, why can't the numbers written into the APM be verified by Reading back from the APM?  I should be reading exactly what I just wrote into the APM.

This has been puzzling me for quite awhile now. Could Mr. Oborne or someone that knows please tell me, positively, where to set WP and Loiter radius for a mission so they are verifiable?

Thanks a lot




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  • FYI,

    I wrote 3DR about this issue and they replaced the APM. It works very well now so thanks 3DR!

  • Perhaps someone can explain why the WP Radius is limited to 127. That's enough for metric users, but I use imperial and need more than 127 feet. I posted this question on github.
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