A Group to develop and adapt the technologies ArduCopter and ArduPlane to be able to fly a LTA* system.

( * Lighter Than Air)

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  • Dear Group,

    I have some news, in August I'll be at MIT developing my Startup.

    I already got investors and acquired the electronics for the prototype.

    The Executive project already at an advanced stage.

    As a strategy we will maintain some of our equipment in open hardware licenses.

    Soon bring more details.

  • Dear Group,

    Good Night,

    Follow a link to my new website, that will address our pro-aircrafts approved initially to fly in Brazil.

    Keeping the line of research, I will develop a DIY amateur kit : a version with carbon fiber parts and a 3d printable version.

    I'm analyzing the APM Firmware and already have a programming strategy.

    Best Regards,


    Drone Airships :: Fabrica Brasileira de Aeronaves Autônomas Mais Leves Que o AR
  • Soon I will publish my initial studies and calculations buoyancy system.

    My 3d printer arrived it will hel a lot in my tests !

  • Dear Adam,

    Good morning,

    Thanks for the reply, I will post the video, I need to create a more "lightweight".

    You are right to use pivoting thrusters is a great idea, I forgot to mention that this is part of my original design, I am preparing some images of my gondola, for clarity my project.

    I also have considered the use of reverse to create a suction force.

    Best regards.

    ps. About  the takeoff of A60 + in the video it is possible to understand the procedure.

  • Hi Luciano,

    Can you please post the video of operating the A60+ airship.  I'm interested to find out what procedures they used on start up.  I'd say they use traditional aerodynamic lift on take off due to the fact that the thrust is not vectored and as an airship has to be negatively buoyant, this is the only way for them to take off.

    We have a vectored thrust, so say the airship is negatively buoyant by 5kg, but we have 10kg of thrust from the engines, we rotate the engines to give us vertical thrust, climb about 10m in the air and then rotate them horizontally to get forward motion.  This is a much better way to operate.

  • Dear Group,
    I started to design some new configurations but I found no information about the weight of the equipments, for example the ArduCopter 3DR Quad-C Frame Motors + Full Flight Electronics Kit + GPS.
    Will be great to have access of parts weight. Excuse me if it already exist in the 3D robotics site.
    I will study the envelope volume that can makes it system for example, lighter than air or EQ or slightly heavier than air.
    I am very curious how the autopilot will react.
    But let's think about the energy efficiency !
    I already have a geometry for the balloon to a direct attachment of Quadricopter.
    I am making a prototype of this specific form of balloon to run tests.
    My other idea with a more traditional setting for a Traditional Blimp. I will use the design of my original gondola structure that I already have tested , and I'll put on the scale to work with your ArduPlane parts, servos etc.
    I think in both case we can set the systems a little heavy then air them the Autopilot will work well with few adjustments.
    ANother point is, when you flight manned airships you use to take off " heavy then air " and you use traditional aerodinamics to have lift.
    I did two flights of four hours, in a blimp A60+ which operated in Brazil.
    and piloted it for an hour, during my research. I have a small film documenting procedures.
    Another point, can I have acess to the technical drawings & precision dimensions of some 3D robotics products?

    Best Regards,

    Luciano da Silveira Araujo

  • Dear Members,

    Good morning,

    I was a bit busy the last few weeks, but I'll post this weekend some topics and logical
    I want to share.

    Dear Adam, I will analyze and respond to your last message, I find it important to select the infos that may be of interest to the group.

    Thank you for your attention,

    Luciano S. Araujo
  • I am working in a new configuration using a quad rotor system as a base with capacity to carry a PTZ or a 360º camera as payload.

    I have started to evaluate the envelope shape and design the frame strutucture.

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