ardupilot baitboat extra servo

Hello everybody my name is vassilis and i'm from greece my problem is that i'm try to make a diy baitboat with return to home but i want one more extra servo for hook release.this servo must moving to release when the rtl mode is enabled have you any sollution for my problem? my autopilot is a 2.8 ardupilot from ebay....

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  • hi vassillis,

    im new here at 21.03.2017, please have a look -

    there are documents & manuals

    i think with your servo & rtl

    servo-movements: left : 1000, neutral 1500, right: 2000

    if you would stop (code: if(rtl == true) { servo = 1500) the servo stand still

    regard stephanMorf, from switzerland

  • Hello is any body here?i can understand if my question is stupid but i am 
    beginer  if you have something who can help me please tell it! if your forum is only for advanced people tell it to close my acount....  
    being read without answering it is not right moreover were all once you are BEGINNERS....thank you and sorry for my english...

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