how to build an RIB??

Our group want to make a RIB (2-3m) with APM/Pixhawk, what type of motor,servo should i prepare, can you give me some  information.   




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  • Hi Ben,

    You have two ways for this project:

    -1) With only one motor, find an actuator like this for the steering:

    Mounting ball, one part on the RIB motor support, another part on the motor shaft and connect this directly on the pixhawk steering output

    For the speed control, remove the tiller, normaly you have a potentiometer inside to control The speed, control this potentiometer mecanicaly with a classical 3kg servo (linked the potentiometer axis and servo axis by a hose for exemple) and connect the servo directly to pixhawk speed output.

    -2) with two motors in differential mode, using the ardurover skid steering mode, left servo potentiometer control on pixhawk output servo1 and the right servo potentiometer control on pixhawk output servo3

    You also can use an RC ESC to replace the original motor controler, remove all the controler parts, connect the ESC motor output on the two wires comming from the shaft and connect the ESC RC pinout directly on the pixhawk servo output.


    •  jean-luc,

      thanks for your reply, i will use RC ESC to modify the RIB.



  • Admin


    When you use the acronym RIB, you mean Rigid Inflatable Boat, right?

    Is it like the one in the picture?

    So you want to use an APM or a Pixhawk navigation controller to make the RIB autonomous?

    What is the size of your RIB and what kind of propulsion/steering do you plan to use?



    • @Thomas,

      Yes, i mean Rigid Inflatable Boat, and like the one in the picture(2.7m long).

      We want to use an APM or a Pixhawk navigation controller to make the RIB autonomous. and want to use electric propeller (12v/29A/354W)like below picture and a servo to steer(have no explicit idea). but i do not know whether this solution is feasible.





    • Admin


      It can be done, but it is not going to be easy.

      You can make a large steering servo out of a geared down dc electric motor, a pot for feedback, and a large servo amplifier (ESC with a motion controller) capable of powering the steering motor.

      The Dimension Engineering Kangaroo motion controller Link combined with an appropriate ESC can control your steering motor and a special purpose hobby servo might be able to move the throttle control.



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