Hello at all!

I am new at this forum. I am from Germany, so excuse my grammar. In the past I was building several Baitboats for my fishing hobby. At my Boats I assembled Sonar, Underwatercamera (you can let down into the deep until 18m by wire) and all that (un~)necessary things, that a carp fisher "must have". At last I assembled ardupilot hardware in my boats. this stuff is great!

But I got a little issue by creating waypoint events. With DroidPlanner (Tower and Missionplanner also) I can´t set servo commands at a waypoint. The reason I try to do this is open a flap to baiting a fishing spot.

I define a Spot as Waypoint - that´s easy. But whenever I´m going to define the event "set servo" at this WP, it dissapears from the screen and the boat is going into "Hold" Mode because they are no WP at the map. At DroidPlanner in Editor Mode the "set servo" event is shown at the bottom but not at the map.

Does anybody have a solution for this issue?

Thanks in forward!



PS: Here are some Pics of one of the Boats I built.




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