MAP - Pro, USV Autopilot

Thought i would share this with you all, this may be helpful for those looking to build larger surface vessel. this product apparently costs as much as a regular Marine Autopilot but provides Autonomous capabilities to the entire boat including throttle, radar, sonar..etc.. awesome kit!

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  • I just checked them out, that's interesting and the B7 is quitte impressive. Let see if I can get some people enthousiastic over here, to raise some funds & time.

  • Will do, working on a few projects at the moment. The nice thing is with this system you can get the Radar feedback back to the GCS or laptop so you are not only driving around with a Camera. The say its a similar system to that of the B7 USV!

    Anyway ill send some photos / videos of the boat soon. and you too if you manage to get your hands on one 

  • Hi BMS,

    Thanks for the feedback, very helpfull.

    I'll contact them to obtain some information.

    Will you also post the progress/results of your project here, might be interesting for the community.

  • Hi Enno,

    Best would be to contact the company direct -, they have branches in the U.S, Australia & Middle East

    I have my own coms link, but i paid  paid about 15,000usd for my custom system that includes a complete autopilot system ready to integrate everything i have onboard to enable remote access & auto-routs. I am still working on the project and it has Ethernet, Canbus, NMEA & PWM outputs. Pretty neat! its also windows based for the most part but i see they have some applications for android and IOS.

    hope this helps!

  • Gd.,

    Thanks for sharing the info, seems to be interesting. We're naval architects and working on all kind of vessel conversion projects. Can you share with me some technical details about which input/output signals you need in which format and a rough pricing idea?

    Thanks ,


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