Hi All,

I'm a bit of newbie to the boat scene but I am working on a project to build a boat to map the floor of estuaries using side scanning sonar. The boat build side is being handled by other members of the project but the autonomous side is my area. 

We are currently in the research phase of the build and my main question for the group is what changes need to be made to the ardurover code to make it work effectively for a waterborne vehicle? And does it need to be modified at all or can it work with the standard rover code? 

Any advice would be hugely appreciated as while i know the arduplane and arducopter firmware quite well this is my first experience with the rover code. 

Cheers Mat

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    You might want to take a look at my Pontoon RSV Project Link

    Presently most side scanning sonar is either too heavy or costly to use on my Pontoon RSV so I am using a Garmin Intelliducer NMEA 0183 depth finder through hull transducer that is good down to around 1000 ft. By making multiple, closely spaced passes over the area of interest I should be able to get a reasonably accurate depth contour picture.



  • Mat,

    What are you using for the side scanning sonar?  I am looking into a portable RC / RAV boat to scan ponds and small lakes and need a good picture of the floor for Search and Rescue. 

    Thanks Phil

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    Hi Mathew,

    You should not have to make any changes to the ArduRover2 code whether you are using a boat with a throttle and a rudder or that uses twin screws and differential steering.

    My autonomous Pontoon RSV Project uses twin screws and differential (skid steering) while my Traxxas Villain R/C autonomous racing boat Project uses the traditional throttle and rudder to navigate.



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