Creating a group for copter support. If you have an issue with Arducopter please give us all the pertinant information about your equipment first! What kind of copter you are flying what radio GPS, telemetry, sonar or other gear you are flying including any FPV or camera gear. Include what firmware you have loaded and discribe your issue fully after that. Thanks a bunch!

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  • You looked lonely over here Monroe. Now there are two members.

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What are compatible gimbals for Arducopter 2014 (DIY quad)

I just bought the Predator V2 RTF FPV from hobby king and I realized that there are all in-one cameras that can take HD video and pictures that are similar (but cheaper) than gopro's and can mount on GoPro designed gimbals. These cameras also have built in 5.4Ghz transmitter which will be compatible with my Fatshark goggles.What type of gimbals can mount to the bottom of the Arducopter 2014 DIY quad's undercarriage?undercarriage.JPG

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ESC Calibration for ArduCopter [Edit: Moved]

Thank you for creating the Tech Support Forum! But I saw the comment that you tried to delete it afterward so I have moved my question here, in case anyone stumbles across this:

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