APM 450 Helicopter tuning

Thanks in advance
Newbie to APM helicopter and need some advice. I have used APM 2.6 and 2.8 board for a few years now on quads and tricopters. I have watched videos of APM helicopters flying waypoint missions with no input from the transmitter a they are smooth and steady, I cannot get mine to fly anything like that with me controlling the sticks? Actually heli with APM is only a small amount more stable than flybared? I am pretty much using stock parameters except in extended tuning Rate pitch P is 110 and Rate Roll P is 90 , if I try to raise P parameters to improve stability, I get oscillating right and left? I have read many pages in forums but cannot seem to improve stability, heli is drifting a lot  like there should be more input from APM for self adjust? What am I missing?
Thanks again

APM 2.6 Ver3.2.1, 450 Trex clone (was flybared and flew pretty well) now tarot FBL head, Emax digital servos, (APM is mounted under belly of heli) flying in stabilize mode and right now no GPS or compass attached?

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