I setup my heli, and connected it to the APM mission planner using XBees, and it works great, the gauges, the artificial horizon very nice, amazing actually, i also want to measure my battery, so i used the voltage divider resistors as here and it did measure the battery well, but the artificial horizon gets very sluggish and slow response, it works, but after the plane makes a full roll (till now only the board as i didn't fly it yet) then the APMMP shows that it is upside down.

did this happen to anyone else, or is there something i'm doing wrong.

i used the resistors that came with the kit, and i have a 3s liop, everything looks like the manual said.

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    This has just started to happen to me... very slow lagged hud.... I tested imu and got slow update too....  i have no idea what to do... have uploaded new code again and again with no luck...

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