Confused on ACRO

There seems to be some conflicting info in the documentation.

The link below says ACRO is frame reference, but the next link says earth reference.  The first link makes no distinction for traditional helicopters.  Has the firmware been updated and the documentation is lagging or should there be a distinction in the document provided in the first link?


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  • No, the first page is correct, Acro is now in body frame for Helis, and you can flip past vertical.  The Tradheli documentation is sadly very old.  Now that I've about finished getting tradheli code caught up I'll spend some more time on the wiki.

    • Awesome! that's what I was hoping for! I will now be buying an pixhawk and getting it dialed in. 


  • Developer

    I think the first link is correct and the tradheli one is incorrect but maybe RobL should comment 'cuz I think he added the comments on the second wiki page.  It seems unlikely to me that Rob is wrong in this case tough so I'm also at a loss as to where the mistake is.

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