From TRex 450 to 800. Big helis

I was able to setup a stock TREX 450 DFC V3 with an APM2.6.  It worked great!

I going to slap that bad boy on a TREX 700 DFC stretched to 800.  The helis are so similar.  I'm curious how the scale will change the PIDs.  Has anyone upgraded their heli this much?  What can I expect to adjust on the PIDs?  It should be a whole lot more stable but just as responsive.  Any comments?

450 Param file

450 Works.param

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  • I never had the chance to check this system,  but from what I understand that this system it dose have a CPU unit/ storage to save memory and people been talking about it and saying it's a computer and you can connect it into your PC and start writing your programs like C++ or MS DOS etc.. so that is mean you can write your own program if your programmer for sure, and then make your own Helicopter slowly take off with different speed of way points and then give it specific speed reading from the Air speed indicators to slowly landing...

    it's all about your program and what is your program doing in your little computer.

    I totally agree with you. its better to test these new programs on something cheap like Clone heli. 

    and I am thinking to get DJ Naza H it's look like good option to go for now!

  • looks like nobody like trad Heli anymore! 

    well I just finished two scale helicopters once is here

    and the other one is scale 600 size apache with  open-able doors, f-lines, pilots, guns and more..

    so I am thinking to add auto take off -way points-  auto landing will be so cooool to thses scale helis!

    what ur guys think? any idea about the APM 3.1 frimware or the new pixhawk my will do the job?

    of course I don't want to crash my Expensive scale helis for stupid tests or unknown result! will install those systems only if  results are guaranteed..

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