I have incorporated code to make use of the airspeed sensor in the arducopter software.  I based the code changes on this post


and help from the Tiltrotor Team who had done it for their project.  Between the two I was able to get the code compiled.  

I'm using the PX4 toolchain to compile code.  Compiling code using the console, not eclipse.  I started with the tag for arducopter 3.2.1 and modified the code from there.  I first compiled the code with no changes and uploaded to the pixhawk just to test my compilation process. Uploading code using MP 1.3.24.  Code uploaded successfully however I did not get tones associated with the completion of a firmware load.  I got the tones associated with normal startup.  The code seems to function fine. Why would I not get the tones associated with a successful upload???  Am I doing something wrong?

 Knowing that I could compile and upload successfully for a unmodified AC3.2.1, I modified the code for the airspeed sensor.  I got it to successfully compile.  however when I upload it to the pixhawk, I don't get any tones just blinking B/E, blinking ACT, and solid white status light.  I've attached a zip file that has my log of changes as well as each of the changed files.  In most cases I commented at the beginning with my last name (geyer) to allow easier searching for changes.  Any help would be appreciated!

Airspeed discussion files.zip

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  • Just wanted to provide an update in case any one has started to look at this.  I was able to figure out the issue.  The parameter.pde and parameter.h files were not right.  Once I got them straightened out everything worked.  I even got the proper tones after the firmware load which is puzzling.  Thanks in advance to anyone who may have looked at this and thanks again to Trevor and Mike!

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