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i have setup my heli and everything looks almost perfect, did't test fly it yet, but i have a note, my rudder never work unless i move the throttle stick a little high.

I have a turnigy 9x set as heli 1, i have connected the ESC directly to ch 3 on the receiver, and the pitch ch 6 to the ACM input 3, so since i have a throttle curve, it takes almost half the stick to stat moving the pitch output, but until the pitch is up a bit the rudder servo is absolutely not responding, neither from the radio, joystick or even the ACM stabilize. i thought it is something with the gyro, changed it with another one i had, connected the servo directly to ACM output 4, nothing, until i moved the pitch up.

is this normal?

is it something with the arming feature?

i tried to do it as in the manual, throttle down and full right rudder, nothing, unless i move throttle up, off course i have the throttle hold, but anyway it only affects the ch3 which is not connected to the ACM at all.

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    i have just reverted the planner, i wasn't meant to upload that version.
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         is heli1 on that transmitter mixing the roll, pitch and collective channels?  It's definitely important that you set-up your radio much like you would set-up a quad which is normally airplane mode.  Does your swash plate move as it should when you move the roll and pitch sticks on your transmitter?  (a video would be great if you have one).


         It's true there is code in there to stop all yaw output unless your collective pitch is above zero.  so if your swash plate is at it's lowest position, the yaw won't work.  I guess I could remove that makes sense for the quad where when you're throttle is at the bottom, you're engines aren't moving..but it makes less sense for the heli.


         by the way, i checked in a change to scale the collective pitch from the radio to match the range of movement of the swash so if you pick up the latest code, it's possible that it'll work more like you want.



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