Traditional Heli - X-Cell 23cc Gasser

Hi all,

I have a x-cell gasser heli,it has been setup and flies without the ardu pilot. I have decided to install my APM2

1.)  and cant seem to get the pitch servo to function.

2.) i need the APM2 to be transparent as in my TX do all the mixing.

i have searched the forums/google etc. all point to a flybarless electric heli which doesnt have throttle controls, where as i require a throttle control linked with pitch control,

any guides etc will be appreciated, please be advised, i have no coding experinced at all on arduino.

Heli Specs.


X-Cell Gasser Pro2

90deg Swashplate and Flybar with (Elevator), (Aileron), (Pitch)

Throttle servo & Rudder servo.

TX - Futaba T8FG

RX - Futaba R6008HS


RX    |    APM-IN    |    APM-OUT


1.     |         1         |         1         ROLL

2.     |         2         |         2         ELEVATOR

3.     |         3         |         3         THROTTLE SERVO

4.     |         4         |         4         RUDDER/YAW - GYRO IN

5.     |         5         |         5         GYRO GAIN

6.     |         6         |         6         COLLECTIVE PITCH

7.     |         7         |         7         OPEN/SPARE

8.     |         8         |         8         OPEN/SPARE

Current APM Planner ver 1.1.91 using ArduCopter V2.5.5 Heli

kind regards


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  • Hi,

    Have there been any developments on the software to help me yet?

    thanx in advance.


  • yes i have read the wiki, many times, but it doesnt have info for the Nitro/Gasser heli's but more targeted at the electric flybarless.

    i have setup everything, H1 in mp,

    my tx can control everything via the apm2 correctly, except pitch.

    i require the heli to fly totally autonomous so it must control the throttle too.

    heli will be used for search & rescue out at sea, so full control is critical

    i have even looked at the following as per APM2

  • Hi, thanx for quick reply.

    im ver new to the rc heli field, the heli is about &yrs old, purchased as a used machine.

    i believe the swash is not CCPM, but H1 ( i think mechanical ) as per speaking to the agents.

  • We need a little more info.  Does this heli have CCPM mixing or mechanical mixing?

    If you are trying to pass through all the channels, such as have the throttle on 3, it's not going to work.

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