Trex 450 Pro v2 Flybarless - need PID values!

Hey guys,


I've got my T-Rex 450 all set up. I loaded the stock software with the stock PID values. It held stable fairly well, but I got no rudder when I moved the stick.


Then, I changed the P values for rate and stabilize on the rudder. I got a movement, but not much, and I got more unwanted movement (oscillations) than desired movement. That flight ended with a $100 tree landing.


So does anyone have a good, solid set of PID values for stabilize mode on their TRex 450? I get the distinct feeling that working this from scratch will be a recipe for bankruptcy, and I'm already working on a college student budget. Any help would be most appreciated.



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  • Hi Chris,

    I have the T-Rex 450 Pro V2 as well.  How is your progress on it?

  • Yeah, external gyro or not?

    I'm using the built-in gyro, Yaw Rate P is 0.350, I is 0.015, D is 0.03 IIRC.  Yaw Stab P is I think 2-3 (this is less critical), and I is zero.

  • Developer

    The stock PIDs should work ok.  Are you using an external gyro?  If yes, you should be sure to click the external gyro check box in MissionPlanner's set-up screen, on the Heli tab.


    If you're not using an external gyro I'm not sure exactly what values will work.  Robert Lefebvre should know.  You can find him on the monster trad heli thread.

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