Trex 500 Parameters

I was hoping someone in the traditional heli forum could share their current parameters file (flying 3.2.7) if they have a Trex 500 in flybarless configuration and are happy with the transition and hover in stablize mode.

As this is my first trex 500 this will help.  I have setup in manual (non pixhawk) good I just needed a reasonable starting point for the values for the swash and other etxents.  Unfortunately APM2 Planner does not have the nice aids for measuring the PWMs like you could with manual pass through in the old APM planner.

I cannot find a lot of information on the pitch, swash and endpoint travel setup on pixhawk. The manual is focused on the old APM2 rather than pixhawk.

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  • Here they are



    3.2 march 20.param
  • Greg,  here is mine.  I have a T Rex 550 that has been stretched to a 600.  I have had to do a little tweeking here and there as I have modified her.


    David R. Boulanger

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