Trex450 with pixhawk miniVbar and RPM sensor.


Seems that traditional heli is fadding off .... 

I'm trying to check the latest ardupilot traditional heli setup on trex450, in order to later scale up to 550 and 700 helis.

i'm puzzeled about using the miniVbar flybarless controler with the pixhawk.  i have the pixhawk commanding the FPL controller via SBUS, and lacking the traditional throttle HOLD function.

Started with flyber system, and had all work as requested, but on the FBL the throttle comand is working all time, even if the fixhawk is not armed.

Anyone tried using such configuration ? ( i'm tryng to gain more flying stabilty) 

I;m using channel 8 for the esc control as in the flybar configuration, tried the FBL ESC all modes (governor,pass trugh .... ) with no change in the HOLD function ...




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