Dear Group,

I'm attempting to build a traditional heli setup with an arducopter 1.0 and an eSky Belt CP with eCCPM.

My first question, is this possible?

I've attached my setup so far, I've 3D printed the mount, the second ESC is to test the set up.

I'm using the latest version of mission planner... I've uploaded the AC 3.2.1 firmware, and now I'm stuck...

The only documentation I can find relates to APM 2.5 and above.

My radio is a Microzone MC6S, which is listed as a "6 channel radio for airplanes, boats and cars", and so outputs raw throttle, role, pitch yaw values (they work great with my arducopter quads).  Will this work with the Heli firmware? My understanding is it will take in the raw input and output the right eCCPM control signals? Is that correct?

Any help here would be great!

All the best,




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  • Hi James, 

    Thanks.  I agree upgrading would be the best thing, but right now, that's not possible, so I'm trying to do the best with what I have.  I have the latest APM firmware installed.  

    Do you know where I can find information on the pin connections from the receiver and to the ESC and servos? 

    All the best,


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