3DR Y6 Params

Please post your parameter files for your 3DR ARDUCOPTER Y6 here. 

So far I am running stock firmware values, apart from the Rate P was changed to 0.7 after some in-flight Dynamic tuning.

Brilliant in no-wind conditions, but quite wobbly in a mild breeze, and more so during descends in breezy conditions.


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  • I have a 3DR Y6 kit and I am really just using the default parameters. Now that I have found the download specific to the y6 with the stock props and motors I have questions before I load it up. If I load that file does will it replace all my settings like my compass calibrations, flight modes etc? Do I need to go back through all the mandatory setup? The only change I have made was to the loiter P as recommended for V3.0.1.



  • Flew the X8 ALOT last night with the 3DR parameters. WOW! what a locked-in feeling! This thing flies really REALLY well.
    I could not beleive how smooth the response was. I took some video, will edit and post it here soon.

    One happy chappy!

  • Specifically merged 3DR's Y6 parms, different than the one in this post, with those that include my frame.  Pretty much down to various rate PIDs.


  • Compared the recommended parms from the link with those I dumped from MP when connected to the Y6.  I noticed parms starting "NAV_" didn't exist in my dump of my parms.  I am attaching a file if interested, since it was too many characters to post in this window.

    Hoping to do some hover/initial flight, with IMU logging to get an idea of my vibration levels.


    Parms to Change.rtf

  • Looks like the Y6 PID Parameters can be found HERE.

    I will try them ASAP and report back

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