3DR Y6 ->Y3 Is this possible?

Hey folks, I've damaged a motor on my Y6 and will probably have to wait a week until a spare arrives.

I've noticed that there is a Y3 firmware configuration available in Mission Planner.

Can I simply upload a new firmware, adjust the motor connections and spin direction etc, and then fly in a Y3 configuration or am I missing something?.

It looked from this diagram like there was something else present, possibly a servo for adjusting the blade pitch for the rear motor..Is his necessary or can i just use my regular three motors and props.


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  • I wanted my Y6 to look more like the real Y6, so I bought the whole Y6 kit, not the Hexa to conversion Y6 kit.

    3692823604?profile=originalI added a lower deck from my spare Hexa parts and lowered the PDM and associated wires one inch further down from the APM. Currently I am experimenting with compassmot and vibration so the design with wires and such on the outside is more to service the craft than aesthetics. My compassmot is currently 12-14%.

    I decided to not mess with the folding aspect of the Y6. It may be more portable, but I was concerned about pulling or binding wires and felt a rigid non-foldable craft was more important.


  • Hi Peter

    Y3 s need the tail motor to be 'steerable" otherwise the copter will have extremely poor yaw control. Even if you dont mind that, the tail motor needs to mounted at an offset angle for it to fly straight. Not worth the effort in my mind for a temporary fix, but a cool thing to do if you are going to leave it like that.

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