Best Way to Orient Motor Wires

My 3DR kit Y6 crashed, and the motor wires on one motor were snapped off during impact.  The instructions say to have the wires pointed outboard on the arm as in the photo from the PDF assembly instructions.

Did anyone try pointing them inboard?




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  • Thanks to all for the suggestions.  I have the first arm complete, the top motor is a replacement, and the wires are routed through the hole on the side.  Two more arms to go.


  • Progress!  Decided to use the side hole, and found some grommets which would fit.  Did the first arm, one where the old mounting resulted in motor wires being torn off the motor.

    Next step, since I used Blue Loctite on the motor screws, need to clean up the screws before re-assembling.



  • Am going forward with the repairs and new wire orientation.  It seems as though some of the smaller connectors to the APM2.6 not meant to take off easily.  As a result, taking the upper and lower plates apart to get to the motor wires, is challenging.  I used the velcro battery straps to attach the bottom plate to a homemade stand, and am working one arm at a time.


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    I've had the same problem and have re-routed the new motor through the hole too. I'd recommend sanding the square edges of the hole to avoid the risk of the edges cutting into the cable insulation over time due to vibration.

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    Yes, mine go through the side hole. If you are patient, they do both fit.
    I spin the motors, such that the cables coming out of the motors point at a 45 degree angle towards the center, each motor on opposite sides of the arm, so one of the sets of cables has to "cross over" the arm to get to the hole. Plenty of distance, but hard to route if you already have any screws through the arm. Save the frustration and strip down the arm. Once you have one set of cables through, pull the cables tight, and hold them against gravity along the "top/inside", then feed the second set, and it's easier to get them to drop....
  • I would use this guys advice and route them through the holes on the sides of the arm vs the end of the arm for this very reason.

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