Gimbal/Camera set up

Any of you Y6 owners have a gimbal/camera setup yet? i'm interested in seeing what you're using and how you're mounting it on your 3dr Y6.

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  • Are there any pictures of a 3dr Y6 with the "official" tarot mounting?  It seems to me the battery will no longer fit along the long axis once the tarot is mounted.  Do they turn the batteries sideways (left-right)?

    Also, when I attached the tarot to the 3dr mounting plate, it "crushed" the rubber shock mounts by squishing the two tarot plates together.  I had to add spaces between the tarot and the 3dr mounting plate to allow proper spacing.

    • Did you ever get a reply?  I just mounted my tarot gimbal to the 3DY Y6 and now need to figure out the best way to mount the battery!

  • 3D Robotics was willing to separately sell me the plate to mount the tarot to the Y6 for $10.

    • That's good to hear.  They should be selling every single part on it, since you will have crashes and failures eventually.

      I ended up installing 2 carbon tubes and mounting the gimbal up using the standard included clip-on mounts.  Kind of bulky, but at least it gives me some options for placing the gimbal, and it still mounts it up off the ground high enough to stay clear with the stock Y6 legs.

  • I have a tarot on my y6. I just built it so I dont have any video on the y6 yet. I have lots of video from the f550 it was on. I like the tarot. I printed a plate to mount it to the y6 because i want it to be removable with the same kind of thumb nuts the y6 uses. It works ok but im going to print a different plate that will fit the newer style gimbal plates as well as move the camera forward a little more.

    photo 20140308_111510_zpsxuipcbdx.jpg

    photo 20140310_2030110_zpsj2bbwca1.jpg

    • Slick!  I have a Y6 on the way, but I didn't order it with the Tarot gimbal option because I already have one on my current (lesser) quad.  After going back and forth with 3DR, they basically will not currently sell the mount plate they use if you order the gimbal option/kit, so I'm going to have to figure something out.

      I don't have a printer, but I would pay for a printed mount like that for mine, but mine is the "v2" Tarot 2d that uses a different mount...just 2 bolts inline down the middle instead of 4 like yours.

      HK Tarot T2d V2

  • Ok, here's the first assembled print of my camera gimbal design:

    I'm waiting on a control board to arrive from hobbyking, should be any day now and I'll hook it up.

    I need to adjust the arm a little bit so the camera will balance - it leans a bit to the side at the moment, but should be an easy fix. I'm also thinking about vibration dampening, but not sure if I'll need it yet as the gimbal arm has a small amount of flex in it already, so maybe that will absorb some of the vibrations :)

    Also thinking about modifying the mounting plate to include mounting holes for the control board... still deciding.


  • I have the Tarot 2D, mounted to 10m CF tubing underneath the machine. 

    Tubing also provides a great way to get your CoG by setting the camera where you want it and sliding your battery or batteries back to where the balance is correct.

    Tubes are held in place with tube clamps, I have been working with a vibration measurement unit to optimise, trialling what works best - fixed and vibration dampening clamps at the various locations.

    Test flights have been excellent - except for full throttle movement the tarot creates a brilliant and eerie floating effect. Even then after a second or two it settles.

    Suffered some motor issues - I can't stress enough oil your bearings people :)

    Upgraded the power system, now just waiting for this swing to finish so I can get them back in the air.

    Will post footage and current photos when I am home on Friday...this one pre motor / esc / extended leg upgrade. 


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