Motor glitching

I have a motor glitching on my Y6 (APM 2.6 with Spektrum 7). Like all glitches I've come across it's erratic but is often preceded by a ticking noise at about 2 per second. The left front arm then drops about 10cm and very quickly recovers (so far!). I have inspected all connections, power, signal to ESCs etc and cannot see anything obviously wrong. The flight logs reveal nothing untoward. If anyone has ideas on this I'd be grateful as it's getting on my nerves and I don't want to be picking up pieces!

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  • this is most likely motor sync loss, are you using low KV +simonK + >15" prop?  if so you need to experiment with updating simonk firmware on your ESCs, I can suggest you use these ESCs:

    so far using them since march on 6s with 380kv 15x55prop and haven't skipped a bit yet. even though they run a bit on the warmer side. 

    • Yes they are the 20 amp ESCs as supplied by 3DR. Props are 10" on top and 11" below. Have you moved the legs on your copter to accommodate the 15" props?

    • oh, no, Y6 can be made not only by 3DR :)  

      if its a 3DR Y6  witch stock motors/esc, than this is most likely some setting related to APM. as the 3DR Y6 is a very well established model, I might advise you to reload firmware with stock settings on it. Sometimes settings will change randomly after a f/w update, so I suggest u install  a rover or an airplane f/w on it first, this will trigger EEPROM erase, and than load the APM copter f/w. After that you will have to repeat your calibrations though, run autotune and it should fly good. 

      p.s. this advised is based on assumption that you did not change anything on the stock 3DR Y6 like components and their layout.  for more in-depth review I suggest posting your log files on APM Copter support forum. 

  • Calibrate the ESCs? 

    • Done that several times for another issue and have not noticed a difference. It's not like it happens every flight though. Flew this afternoon with no problems.

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