Newbie Questions for 3DR Y6A (2013 model, APM)

Hello all!

Glad to find a forum based on the Y6 -- apologies if I'm missing anything obvious. 

1) Tried to get my Y6 off the ground several times (after doing the calibrations/etc from, and each time one of the back arms (the left one I think) accelerates too fast and flips over before it can lift off. (I've already broken a few props).

2) Does anyone else have this model? Would love to see a pic assembled. The directions were semi-ok, and the prop instructions showed slightly different components than I had (bullethead vs a regular nut on the top).

3) The bottom motor on the side that always flips the copter over has a strange effect: when I bring the throttle down to zero, this one stops spinning a slightly/noticeably after the other motors. Is that ok?

Don't have my copter with me right now so I can't post pictures/video, but I can do that if anyone is curious to see it.

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