Hello Folks,

My Pixhawk will not detect any RC signal what so ever, any thoughts? I'm using a X8R modules with a Turnigy 9XR with XJT module. I know this exact set up works because I recently bought I secondary Pixhawk (got completely fed up with the first one always giving me troubles) and there is not issues not even direct x8r sbus to pixhawk rc.

I bought this original pixhawk a year ago january and ever since I have constantly had issues with the RC signal on it.

It has never worked via sbus before however I did manage to get it going with a ppm encoder before, and then also the frisky sbus to ppm converter. 

Just before new year (2015) I was away and noticed a firmware update, so I decided to go ahead and do so, but ever since then I have no longer been able to get the pixhawk to detect any form of rc signal what so ever. I've tried with the ppm encoder once more, as well as the frsky sbus to ppm converter, both give me nothing. Although I do get the X8R to power up and the led to go solid green (normal connection with XJT)

After testing some more today I realize that only by syncing the XJT + X8R with the 3+4 jumper then connecting the ppm encoder, the ppm encoder led flashes upon movement of throttle ect...but still no signal in apm planner. And when syncing without jumper in the normal no telemetry (D16) 1-16 channel mode like previous, the led on the ppm encoder no longer turns on what so ever?

I there any way to test to see if its the pixhawk itself that is cause the issue and what in it may be faulty or off that would cause such? Perhaps a link to a previous firmware update so I may attempt to go back to the settings when it functioned and see if the signal returns?

I'm completely at a loss and would have to have spent so much time and money, and simply have to toss it away as a useless brick? 

I would have sent it back to 3DR but when I purchased it, I never had the chance to test it till thee months after due to other commitments so by then it was passed their 90 day policy.

Thanks in Advance for any and all help!!!.

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