• The original props shipped with the kit come with the spacers needed to attach to the shafts.

  • Props are included.  When I was hunting for a battery, I decided I wanted about 5000 mah or higher.  I started looking on web sites and Hobby King listed many, but in the US warehouse were mostly out of stock at that time.  So, to be sure I had something, I purchased a Glacier 5300 3S lipo from EPBuddy.  I haven't pushed it in flight, and can't say how long it will last with my typical flying.  I have had 8 minutes on it, and the telemetry log indicates it was down to 40%.  My RTL and land, as well as loiter and AltHold work well, so I am planning to enable throttle failsafe soon.  I just got two spare motors, and have spare props and some nuts and screws coming too.

  • Congratulations!  My kit from 3DR took about 10 days as at that time the GPS units were backordered.  This kit was my first venture in building a multi-copter.  Oddly, my wife wondered if there is a cover for it (something like the new Iris).  I have to say that as I purposefully wanted all 3DR components, I have found following the Arducopter setup instructions went well.  I have logged about 5 flights, and only have one battery while I try to determine future battery needs.  I am looking to hoist a GoPro camera, preferably with a gimbal.

    Wessie has been a good voice of reason throughout this, and many folks have contributed their ideas.  Most of us had to find a way to get the wiring and ESCs neatly between the top and bottom plates.

    Enjoy the journey!

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