So Many wires!

The 3DR Web Assembly manual shows the rear ESCs stacked together.  I emailed their tech support and their reply was that it is OK to do so.  Now, if I can only figure out where to put all the wires.  Oh yea, the PM is still hanging out.  Trying to get ready for Compass MOT setup step, once this is all ready.

I am assembling the 3DR Y6 Kit with all 3DR electronics and APM 2.6.

3DR Web Assembly Manual photo:


My "under construction" photo:



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  • I finally decided to put all ESC's on the lower deck: 

    I stacked ESC's heatsink side out. Compassmot is 12-14%.


  • Thanks for posting the pictures!

    Still I'm not sure how blue arm ESC's are supposed to be mounted by design. Every picture I saw so far shows only one ESC strapped vertically sideways. Is the second one mounted somewhere inside? Can I sandwich two ESC's in the same way as for the black arm?

    BTW I'm using RcTimer 30A ESC's that I used on my first quad and I never had any problem with heat dissipation. 

  • Short Compass Motor video.


  • Ran CompassMot.  My thought, was that Randy's Video with a Hex and the docs were to flip the props and put them on a motor rotating the opposite direction, that for the Y6, exchange each arm's prop, top to bottom and bottom to top, and flip them.  The idea being create thrust when it is run up.  I hope I got it right, as I got a low number of 12%.

    The GPS's blue light never went solid, though the flight status display on the laptop showed 3D lock.  Also, after the test, I tried arming, but that didn't work, and it was tough reading the screen outdoors, so shortly, back to the work room to check out if something is failing the pre-arming checks.  I will post a video once it gets converted on Vimeo.


  • I may need extra nuts to get the APM board a tiny bit higher.  Next step, figure out where to attach the telemetry, then hook via USB to my laptop and ensure I didn't cause any problems.  If that goes well, the the CompossMot test next.


  • Yea its a tight squeeze! I am re-assembling mine now, Will try to post some pictures. I am not in favour of stacking the ESCs because of the possibility of heat buildup, So will look for an alternative arrangement.

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