Just have my first crash with my Y6 RTF...do not know exactly what happens, I INITIALLY MAKE TWO SMALL FLIGHTS IN LOITER AND IN sTABIL, with no problem, the same for launching and returning back to the soil, then I load a small mission ,  using my PC, had the chance to review it read it and compare it was in the bird,  then did the launching and change to auto ...... it took off went strait to around 50 mts and just moved  south west  18.BINto the oppossite side in a spin large curve, I went to RTL with no exit...went into big trees and broke tarot 2, riped two motors plus 5 propellers and the GPS antena...before going to repair it and fly again just want to understand what was going on, what did I wrong...
I know these days GPS have been affected by the solar problems...but I am not sure..

I have the logs I am uploading for someone to help me

Thanks in advance

I own a Iris+ , supreme, never fail always work well... even after the crash I made a couple of flights with it and worked great.

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    • Yes  especially with bad solar storms going on....

      I have ArduCopter V3.1.5

    • I am not sure, HDOP was high , over 2,3..

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