Y6 next step video??

Hello All,Thank you for the previous help. I had approx ten successful flights and I'm starting to think about installing the tarot gimbal with the GoPro camera. I do have some questions and would appreciate your advice.1) I purchased the 3DR video kit with camera. I was able to get this working but it was just on the bench. The next step is using it with the Y6. Im guessing there are two cameras because the mini sony is used to fly the plane and the GOPRO records the footage. Basically my question is what is the best way to record video? Does anyone have advice for a beginner?2) I have successfully gotten the sony camera to transmit to my frame grabber software on the laptop so I should be able to get FPV on my laptop. I think it would be great to be able to see what the GOPRO sees as well. I have the cable connected to the GOPRO and I can see it's RCA output on the frame grabber so I know that works. Basically I know the video transmitter works and I know the go pro is outputting video but when connect it to the MIMIMOSD -nothing. I'm using the cable from 3DR? I have no idea why this isn't working.Anyhow that you for any assistance.Tim

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  • Its likely a connection issue, can you post a diagram or a picture of how you connected the MinimOSD?

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