Yup, I am still new to this.  After the CompassMot test, I was putting the props back where they started, and discovered  the top motor on rear/black arm (#6) was wiggling.  Screws still there.  So I took the top/bottom motor assembly apart, got out the red threadlocker (previously used blue).  It was a little too much of the red, and I noticed the motor wasn't turning as freely as the others.  Took it apart, cleaned it up, motor seems better, maybe a little bit slower if you hand spin compared to the others.

Will put it together tomorrow, as we have a severe thunderstorm alert going on.

Hoping I don't need a replacement motor!


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  • I'm building my Y6 using HP2212 motors. I noticed that the shafts are a bit longer on the mounting side of the motors comparing to the stock 3DR motors. In result, each upper motor shaft rests on the arm making motors spinning less freely. The problem is that the spacers are not thick enough to make sufficient gap. 

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