3DR LEA6H vs M8N-XL GPS field comparison


I flew this summer repeatedly with my X8 setup with two GPS : a 3DR LEA6H and a M8N-XL (Drotek):


Browsing though the log files I was amazed how better the M8N-XL performed vs the smaller 3DR LEA6H. I selected random one of those flight logs to show a comaprison between the two GPS systems:

3691240204?profile=original3691240218?profile=originalObviously worth to use a M8N with such a large ground plane.

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    • I picked up my LEA7 from UAV Tech, have the LEA6 internal and the new LEA7 on a masted IRIS+, just waiting for the wind to die down later this week to do some testing :)

    • MR60

      Thx, I did not know that. I will try it also...

      What's the improvement(s) over the LEA6 ?

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