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I am Bill King, the contributor of singlecopter code, Recently I received questions about singlecopter.First , add a message on the wiki about singlecopter. Suggest using digital servos , otherwise change SV_SPEED to low frequency.Second, please change the following code in GCS_Mavlink.cpp#elif (FRAME_CONFIG == SINGLE_FRAME) //because mavlink did not define a singlecopter, we use a rocket92 MAV_TYPE_ROCKET,93 #elif (FRAME_CONFIG == COAX_FRAME) //because mavlink did not define a singlecopter, we use a rocket94 MAV_TYPE_ROCKET,95 #else96 #error Unrecognised frame typePlease change "ROCKET" into "QUADROTOR". Otherwise some users will be confused how to change parameters and calibrate radio, acc and so on

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  • It is a good idea to modify these airframes into a general libray!
  • Developer

    I've added a small "Configuration" section to the wiki and updated the mav-type.

    By the way, Leonard and I are working on a fairly large restructing of the motors library so that all the inputs are in the -1 ~ +1 range for roll, pitch and yaw and 0 ~ +1 for throttle.  We will do single copter as part of that.

  • Developer

    Hi Bill, got your message so we can make those changes, thanks!

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