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dear friends, 

i am new and working as lecturer in one of technical university in malaysia. recently i was asked by the university to advice the student who registered as participants in uav competition.  they will be given one 3dr radio 433mhz air and ground modules, a ultrasound range sensor, a ccd camera wireless, AIO crius pro v1.

i strongly believe that arducopter is suitable for us.

 need advice how to setup as i already bought mine from rctimers using my own money.  also the dji f550 hexacopter frame, sensors, 6 950kv brushless motor from emax , 25amp emax esc ( bought together the emax programming card)  3 pair counter rotating10x4.5 , 

to help me getting an idea on the vehicle behavior, i also bought i86 flight controller from hobby king , and 9 channel tx from flysky.  spend a lot using malaysiann money and looking forward to work on tis great project and all time and money spend are really worth investment

 i think any suitable link is appreciated so that i can have something to help the student

thank you

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  • Dear Sir, If you want to know more about quadcopter, I can introduce a few peoples to you that have much knowledge skill about quadcopter.

    -Student GMi Bangi-

  • Oh, be warned, you will rip off the usb port on the AOI(Hot glue it now for support). Be prepared - get a AVR programming card(A usb to 6 pin programming board). This way you can still get the software onto the board.

  • Hi Ensaaj,

    If you want to use the same software for both the flight controllers(AIO and Arducopter) then there are 2 options:

    1. MegapirateNG for multirotor -

    2. Arduplane for fixed wing -

    I have used both on the AOI board with good results. If you want to move from a C+ to A+ get the Arducopter board from 3D. This moves you from a good board to a brilliand community.

    Good luck,


  • Hi 

    Have you looked at the Arducopter wiki?

    If no, try it, it's really useful:



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