all sensors are zero???

fI am getting no data from my sensors.  MP connects to APM 2.5.  only info is Channels in., and i can calibrate radio.  parameters seem to accept changes, But no arming, sensor data, guages or anything.

did my APM 2.5 go bad?

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  • Yes, there was no sensor data movement there either.
  • John, did you test the sensors in the Terminal?
  • I'm using 2.8.1, and bought it in august. It has been flying fine, and I have had very few problems considering the issues other people have. I did have a strange rollover and crash a few days ago. But I fixed it up and things where fine again.

    I did not do my own soldering.

    Also, if I plug in the battery now I get a constant beeping from the esc's
  • 3D Robotics

    What code are you using? If the latest, contact customer support from the store you bought it from. 

    (Also, did you solder on the connectors yourself? If so, check for shorts)

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